motel inn


$120 - Based on Double Occupancy using One Bed.
( Read rate options below ).
Two Bedroom Unit, Both Queens Beds
Beautiful Old Wood Bar,
Bright comfy couch with two swivel recliners.
Covered back patio Not Ideal for children.
Equipped with TV, DVD, CD, Cable, WiFi, Toiletry Pack and Coffee Service.

The centerpiece of this comfortable living area is a beautiful old Russell wood bar built by a local furniture company. Bright comfy couch with two swivel recliners w/ottomans. Big chair and ottoman in back patio room is great for a reading getaway. Interesting and attractive unit, but not for children.

*Add $15 Extra Charge for Second Bed Used and/or $15.00 per person over two
Weekly: 7th night free
Monthly: Ask for quote if available upon qualification.

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