These units are quite large and expensive to clean. Rather than charge a large cleaning fee as most do, we try to keep our rates low by charging a cleaning fee only to those patrons who are using the kitchens without cleaning them. We charge $25/hour to clean your cooking messes as this is a Leave AS Find It" policy. Thank You.

Boot Free Zones:
In the interest of preserving the floor coverings and furnishings for your future enjoyment, we ask you to leave your wet or dirty boots and goulashes in the entry storage bench area provided.

Cleaning and Security deposit:
Because it is our policy at this time not to charge a cleaning and security deposit, we must disclose that guests are still responsible for damage to property including unreasonable soiling of carpets and furniture.

Damage will be charged at a minimum of $25/hour for labor:
Professional cleaning charges if necessary; cost to replace damaged, stolen or lost items plus travel expenses of mileage and time if required to replace items.

We respectfully reserve the right to:
Refuse accommodations to anyone based solely on the discretion of management or owner. It is our goal to provide a fun and pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy your vacation!

Consequently, we cannot tolerate wild parties that affect the enjoyment of our other guests.

No minors allowed without chaperones.

Illegal activities including destruction of property, drug usage or underage drinking may result in immediate eviction without refund.

*NO PETS are allowed on the premises.
*NO SMOKING is allowed inside units.

*Violations of these rules will result in a minimum charge of $500 per violation.

Call upon arrival for your Room Entry Code.
Registration Form is located in each room. Please fill out form and leave in room for us to pick up.